HLS believes it is important to better prepare students from Year 10 as they select their subjects for future tertiary pathways and enhance their academic writing to new levels.  

Our program fills the gap between exiting high school and entering a higher learning institution as a first-year student. 

HLS provides students with vital information that is paramount to their academic success, reducing day one nerves with an emphasis on how to navigate their first year with ease.

Workshops run for approximately 1 hour and cover topics such as: preparation for day one, open days and orientation week, academic integrity, higher learning assessments, Turnitin submission, group work and inclusion, memory retention, exam preparation, self-care and wellbeing practices, academic support services and much more.


The ‘T2T’ Packs have all the essential items every student needs to transition to tertiary smoothly. We have carefully chosen items from companies that align with our values and make your first day of learning, fun and exciting. Most importantly, the contents of the pack will allow students to be well prepared for academic success. Our aim is to increase academic performance and retention rates, particularly for first-year students who are at greater risk of not completing their course. HLS is committed to assisting students of ALL ages to successfully gain a qualification in their chosen discipline and become leaders in their field.


1 x Backpack

1 x 2020 Student Survival Manual (The academic resource to survive any course)

1 x NEW 2020 Student Recipe Book “Dux in the Kitchen”

1 x 5 Subject Notebook (200 – 250 pages)

1 x USB Flashdrive

7 x Essential Student Stationery

10 x Snacks & Treats




Student resources

HLS are committed and dedicated to creating new and original resources to assist students transitioning to higher learning institutions.  

Transition to tertiary workshops

Our pre-transition program has been created to better prepare students for this transition into tertiary studies and higher learning.

Mentoring for excellence

HLS provides one-on-one mentoring to assist students throughout their first year of higher education and beyond.

“The manual is an excellent resource for nervous students undergoing their first year of uni studies. Having gone through it myself, it can take months to find the information this book provides in one concise, easily navigated place. So much you wouldn’t even consider before getting into uni is provided, like how to properly cite your sources and how to structure a university level essay. A MUST HAVE for everyone considering uni, currently studying, or in third year who need a little refresher! I really enjoyed going through the book, it was so well laid out and easy to read.”

– Kathryn

“It feels so great to use this colourful and clear Student Survival Manual, I just love it!”

– Jennifer

“It’s the first thing I look at when studying for an exam and the last thing I close when I’m pushing the final submit button on an assignment.”

– Aiden

“I would highly recommend the Student Survival Manual to any high school student entering into university. It provides students with the knowledge they need to succeed in higher education. I especially loved the essay structure and tips section.”

– Thomas

“This Student Survival Manual has everything you need and more. I wish I had this in high school!”

– Rhiannan

“I just finished reading the Student Survival Manual and buying this book was the best decision I ever made!”

– Zeenia

“The manual is so helpful with organising my assignments and quizzes. I really love the referencing examples. I am SO glad I have a copy!”

– Georgia

“This book is a lifesaver! It’s perfect for writer’s block because of the helpful tips, sentence starters, suggested words and layout guides for different types of reports. This book is fantastic! I’ll definitely be using this as a resource for all my future assessments!”

– Jacinta

“The Student Manual is a worthy investment. I just finished reading it and it is the BEST investment I have ever made!”

– Niranjan

“The amount of information this book provides is absolutely priceless!”

– Pratik

“Ever since I received the Student Survival Manual, my uni life is considerably better.”

– Jesse

“The manual is 5 out of 5 for me. Being an international student, it was very hard to adapt to the course structure and the academic prestige. It was towards the end of the first semester that I become acquainted with the HLS Student Survival Manual and it was then, that I realized the manual was up to its mark. All in all, it is interactive and provides valuable insights to assist students on different academic aspects and much more. It’s a MUST HAVE for not only international students but for EVERY student.”

– Aashwin

“Everything in this book is pure GOLD! The proof is in the pudding. I tried it, you won’t be disappointed!”

– Gabin